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Cr Pati101 | Gambler Psychoanalysis - This is how you lose your money

Cr Pati101 | Gambler Psychoanalysis - This is how you lose your money

Gambling has been circulated for thousands of years. Although the harm of gambling is well known, countless people have been fascinated by it for thousands of years. Today, I will analyze the psychological process of gamblers in the process of gambling. I hope that through this article, everyone can play small gambling without breaking the family.

First: Greed

Because of greed. If you win 100, you want to win 200. After you win 200, you want to win 1,000. As the saying goes, one day you will lose yourself in it. People who don"t gamble are curious about why they still gambled when they won money in the first place, because they can"t understand the worry of money, and they can"t appreciate the sense of loss that windfall money has been received and then lost.

Second: Fluke

A fluke mentality. What gamblers say the most is how they were in the beginning, how many glorious past events they once won with $100. Coupled with the feeling of confusion and helplessness after often losing money, I pinned my hopes on the past and believed that one day in the future, I could still create miracles, so I found a perfect reason for myself to continue to gamble. Cr Pati101!

Third: Blind Confidence

Blind confidence. What are the so-called tricks of double-rolling, counter-killing Changlong, etc., in their eyes, they are the magic weapon to win money, because the probability of flipping under them is far greater than the probability of playing with Changlong, and think that the result of double betting will definitely win, blindly. Confidently mustering up the courage to make a heavy bet, many gamblers have fallen into trouble in this regard. This is that the more the gambler understands, the worse the loss. Cr Pati101!

Fourth: Failure

The plan failed. After gambling for a long time, I found it difficult to win big money in the platform. I always started to win money and then lost, so I cleverly thought of the sky-filling plan. If I win a little every day, I will stop. If I lose, I won"t come, so that I can go ashore for a long time. However, in practice, you have carefully planned for a long time and found that it is not true at all. Maybe you can go well at first, but when you lose or win on a roll for several days, can you be calm?

Fifth: The dealer controls

Dealer control. Gamblers often find that when you fancy a certain banker or number, you want to bet very much, but you always find that you can"t bet, or the network is disconnected, or there is no response when you click. The result of waiting for the bet is exactly what you expected, so you regret it a lot. In fact, this is because you were targeted by the dealer and deliberately did not let you bet, which messed up your mentality. I don"t need to say it next.

Cr Pati101!